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Earthshine's music is not ordinary stuff, though you have probably heard that from many musicians when promoting their music. We think you will probably agree with us this time, however (naturally!).

But hey - we invite you to judge for yourselves by going to our CDBaby pages and listening to song samples from all of our CD's!

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Last Updated by Earthshine January 2016

Cold Night released!

Finally, after everyone we know collapsed from holding their breath so long, we released our third album "Cold Night" - hoorah!

We have had wonderful reviews, too! Check this one out: Cold Night review! The album art is by my amazingly talented father, Bob Rickels, with a little computerization and layout by Kris! The ART is why you should buy an actual copy of the album, however, not just download songs! (Plus, there are also lyrics!)

We were thrilled, once again, to feature the amazing and incomperable Ben Klein on flute and the savant-like Tim Todd on electric violin. We also have the fabulous Brad Edwards on percussion, and Kyle Brenner on cello.

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Last Updated by Earthshine January 2016

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