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Cold Night

Cold Night - Released 3/19/12

Cold Night was recorded from 2008 - 2011 at Peak Recording and Sound in Bozeman, MT.

This latest Earthshine album has eleven songs, including the final track "We Find You Again," written for our dear friend Mary Wiper. Within just two years it became a song for another dear friend, Sally Noe.

On August 1st, 2004 we got a call from our friend Aaron who told us that Mary had been struck and killed by a bolt of lightning earlier that day. How can we ever convey the shock and horror of that moment?

My only response could come from music, and within a week the song was written. We played it for Mary's memorial in a special wild place she loved and was instrumental in saving in 2000.

On July 23, 2006, I answered the phone and it was our friend Sue letting us know that the unthinkable had happened again - but this time it was Sally Noe, struck by lightning while walking with a friend on the Billings rims. We felt that we had been struck as well.

We played the song at Sally's standing-room-only memorial in Billings. I still can't believe we made it through that day.

Each of the songs on this album have stories and special meaning to us and to others. Please be sure to ask us to tell you about them - we would love to!

Cold Night features the amazing talents of Ben Klein (wonder-flute) as well as those of Tim Todd (violin), Brad Edwards (percussion) and Kyle Brenner (cello)

The CD has also had wonderful reviews! Check this one out: Cold Night review!


Take Flight - Released 1/24/09

Take Flight was recorded in 2008 at Peak Recording and Sound in Bozeman, MT.

Ten songs from the 100-strong catalog of Earthshine compositions are featured in the album, adorned with the fantastic contributions of our incredibly talented additional musicians: Ben Klein, brilliant flutist, of Trillian Green fame; Tim Todd, amazing violinist, a session guy and member of many touring bands; Brad Edwards, fine, seasoned percussionist known in the region for his talents; and Kyle Brenner, exceptional cellist of Livingston, MT.

We had a truly fantastic review of this album, too: Take Flight review!

Live@ Bob's - Released 12/16/07

On December 16, 2007, EARTHSHINE released their first album. It features 11 of their songs and is a compilation of three different recording efforts. The album is titled "Live@Bob's!" because the majority of it was recorded live in the basement of the wonderful Bob Brown of Billings, MT.


If it weren't for the generosity and patience of Bob, there would be no album. (And no subsequent albums either, so we are grateful to Bob FOREVER!)

After completing the recording with Bob, Earthshine's Kris (Lottie) and Scott Prinzing actually were able to add the harmonica playing of famed nature writer GARY FERGUSON to the song "Sea Shanty" using their own little pro tools setup! Three songs from an earlier recording session (in 2004) and one from an even earlier session with the multi-talented Brad Edwards of Billings are bonus tracks on the album.

On "Live@Bob's" you may hear some of their near-sibling harmonies, their Geddy Lee, Kerry Livgren, Ann Wilson, John Dowland, Georg Phillip Telemann, Cecelia Bartoly, Bruce Cockburn, E.India/Persia/S.Asia influences, and PinkFloydian-AlanParsonsian-ethnic-sound-scape-ifications. Or you may not - let us know what you think you hear in our music! (See below!)

This album also recieved a glowing review! See it here: Live at Bob's

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