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Earthshine WANTS your feedback!

As you can probably tell, this website is not nearly as interactive as a social media site like Facebook. Fortunately, we have a Facebook page for Earthshine! Right HERE in fact! That would be a spectacular place for you to leave your thoughts about our music, your advice about places to play, and your friend suggestions!

CDBaby is also set up for lots of interactive capacity, so please give them a peek too!

PLEASE proceed to either of these pages to leave your comments, questions and ideas. We SINCERELY value your opinions and would love to hear what you think!

Of course, if you just email us, we'll get your comments even easier! (But then we'll have to find time to post them here, too!) Your choice!

Last Updated by Earthshine November 2013

Tell us what you think about Earthshine's music!

We are interested in your feedback and comments. We might even post them on this website! To comment on our music, please go to our FaceBook or MySpace! You can also email us at!